Selected Publications

Machine Learning

  • Efficient Learning of Discrete Graphical Models
    M. Vuffray, S. Misra, A.Y. Lokhov
    ArXiv, 2019, [PDF]

  • Optimal Structure and Parameter Learning of Ising Models
    A.Y. Lokhov, M. Vuffray, S. Misra, M. Chertkov
    Science Advances, 2018, [PDF]

  • Interaction Screening: Efficient and Sample-Optimal Learning of Ising Models
    M. Vuffray, S. Misra, A.Y. Lokhov, M. Chertkov
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2016, [PDF]

  • Information Theoretic Optimal Learning of Gaussian Graphical Models
    S. Misra, M. Vuffray, A.Y. Lokhov
    ArXiv, 2019, [PDF]

Machine Learning for accelerated Optimization

  • Learning for Constrained Optimization: Identifying Optimal Active Constraint Sets
    S. Misra, L. Roald, Y. Ng,
    ArXiv, 2019, [PDF]

  • Statistical learning for DC optimal power flow
    Y. Ng, S. Misra, L. Roald, S. Backhaus
    Power Systems Computation Conference, 2018, [PDF]

  • Learning for DC-OPF: Classifying active sets using neural nets
    D.Deka, S. Misra
    Powertech, 2019, [PDF]

Optimization in Power Systems

Optimal Power Flow under Uncertainty

  • Chance-Constrained AC Optimal Power Flow: A Polynomial Chaos Approach
    T. Mühlpfordt, L. Roald, V. Hagenmeyer, T. Faulwasser, S. Misra
    ArXiv, 2019, [PDF]

  • Corrective control to handle forecast uncertainty: A chance constrained optimal power flow
    L. Roald, S. Misra, T. Krause, G. Andersson
    IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2017, [PDF]

  • Optimal power flow with weighted chance constraints and general policies for generation control
    L. Roald, S. Misra, M. Chertkov, G. Andersson
    IEEE conference on decision and control (CDC), 2015, [PDF]

Mixed Integer Optimization Problems in Power systems

  • Spatial and Topological Interdiction for Transmission Systems
    K. Sundar, S. Misra, R. Bent, F. Pan
    ArXiv, 2019, [PDF]

  • Unit commitment with n-1 security and wind uncertainty
    K. Sundar, H. Nagarajan, M. Lubin, L. Roald, S. Misra, R. Bent, D. Bienstock
    ArXiv, 2019, [PDF]